Smile! First Amendment Audits and Public Libraries

06/24/2021 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM ET


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"First Amendment Audits," where activists enter a public building and proceed to film and/or record images and sound within the building are starting to occur within public libraries. This session will discuss what can legally be recorded within a library, and what libraries can do if they are "audited."


"First Amendment Audits" are often intimidating experiences. These events stemmed from instances where people have been hassled and arrested for taking photos and videos of a public space. However, public spaces are not created equal, and sometimes a public building is "audited" in a manner where public employees are harassed with incorrect interpretations of First Amendment rights. This session will discuss these audits and how a library can prepare and respond to this type of event.

Participants to this session will be able to describe a fisrt amendment audit and its purpose.

Participants will be able to describe the rights a patron has to photograph or record in a public library.

Participants will be able to apply the information provided to their own process of planning for this type of event.

Instructor: Clare Membiela, Library Law Consultant. Library of Michigan.

The webinar link will be emailed to registered attendees the day before the webinar begins.